How to Report Rent Payment Back to the Landlord


It is common practice in today's market to send a report rent payment to the tenant at the end of the month. This should always be done before the rent is due, so that you have time to contact the credit bureau to make sure your payment was received on time. It is always best to make this payment directly to the credit bureau instead of sending a postpaid check. This makes it clear that you are making a real effort to pay the rent on time.

It is important to remember that not every property has a credit score. For properties that do, you may still need to send a report rent payment to the tenant every month. There are different ways that you can send a report rent payment to your tenant.

First, send your rent payment by mail. This can be accomplished through the property management company or through a post office. Both methods usually take about seven days to receive your rent payment. This is far enough in time for the property management company to hold a check for you. You will want to make sure that the check is left with a reference number. Find out more about tenant credit reporting.

Second, you can send your payment by fax. This is often done through the property management company. However, some places have limits on how many pages of rent payments they can hold, and that could push the fax a day or two late if it is sent after the due date.

Third, there are companies that will send a report rent payment to your tenant by email. This is an option that is more convenient than having to mail in paper forms. This option usually takes about seven days to receive your payment. However, the advantage of this option is that you don't have to keep a paper copy of the form. You simply send the email, and that is that.

Fourth, there are also online services that will send a report rent payment to your tenant. However, those sites generally charge a fee. They usually offer the same services that the brick-and-mortar locations offer. However, they don't offer any online support, so you may have to call them to get help if you need it. Check out the site, but note that their prices are not as cheap as the other options, so be careful.  Report here delinquent tenant.

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